Modere eCourse Lesson #1: You're In the Right Place If...

We want to assure you, you are in the right place!

If you’re tossing around the idea of starting (or re-starting) a home business, but aren’t really sure if it’s for you.


If you’re looking for a ‘Plan B’ to help you earn $500 – $5000 a month to help you: 


– Pay off debt – Save for College Tuition or Retirement 


– Have some extra ‘fun’ money for shopping or vacations 


– Earn an income while having a flexible work schedule 


– Cut back on (or completely walk away from) your full-time job


Having a home business is perfect for people who love to learn and who are looking for something to help them create more time and financial freedom in their life.


Most of our team members work their business in just a few hours a week, following the proven system we have in place and earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each month.


This freedom and flexibility provides them with the extra income to pay mortgages and car payments, save for annual vacations, college and retirement, and get out of debt all while having the time to spend with their family and friends doing the things they really love to do.


Our team and Modere are big on recognition, training and support.


We not only want to help you build your business every step of the way, but we want to celebrate your accomplishments (and give you fun perks!) along the way!


So yes… if you have a dream… if you’re looking for something MORE in life than what you have… we want to assure you, you’re in the right place!

Modere eCourse Lesson #2: What is Network Marketing? What is Social Retail?

You’ve heard it called lots of things…


Network Marketing. Direct Sales. A “Pyramid Thing”…


But what IS Network Marketing really?


How does it work, and how do you know if it’s the right fit for you?


Millions of people are involved in network marketing in the US alone… and responsible for over 35 Billion in annual sales.


Every single day there are hundreds of people saying YES to network marketing, and taking control of their futures by partnering with a reputable company to represent a product they love.


But why?


What can network marketing REALLY do for you?


Known as the 4-Year Career, the network marketing business model can compress a 40-year career into a 4-year time span.


And here at Modere we make the process even easier:


Traditional network marketing companies are all about sponsoring or building teams.


At Modere, you can build a full-time income in part-time hours, rank advance through the compensation plan, earn fun incentives and bonuses and even be recognized from stage without ever sponsoring a single person.


So whether you’re interested in building a huge team, or simply taking advantage of our lucrative customer program by recommending our incredible products, there’s a place for you here!


If you’ve not seen it yet, we’d like to invite you to watch this powerful video from one of Modere’s top earners on how becoming a Social Marketer with Modere is different from joining a traditional network marketing company.


In this video you’ll learn exactly what Modere is all about, and how it’s different from what you may have seen before.


You’ll learn exactly how you get paid from gaining customers through our core product lines, the benefits and compensation that come with building a team…


and get a sneak peek at some of the bonuses and incentives offered by the company.


I can still remember how inspired I felt when I saw this video for the first time and ‘really got’ HOW Modere was different from the average company.


They take the guesswork out of getting customers, and set everyone up to win big!


Enjoy the video…

Modere eCourse Lesson #3: With so many options… why Modere?

With the internet and social media it’s never been more clear: when you’re looking to start a business from home you have a LOT of options to choose from.


I’m not going to tell you all the reasons Modere is “better” than the other options out there.


I believe there are a lot of great companies to choose from, and it all comes down to making the best choice for you. 


What I will do is share some of the benefits that led our team leaders to choose Modere, then you can factor them into your own decision:


  1. Modere offers Consumable Products: all of the products are ones that are used up, then repurchased.


  1. Global Brand: Modere ships products almost worldwide and the Modere opportunity is open in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and many parts of Europe as well. 


  1. No Inventory or Home Parties; Work from Wherever: Modere ships products directly to your customers (the consumer). All you inventory is what you and your family will personally use / consume. 


  1. A Lucrative Customer Program: Modere has a stand alone plan for getting customers. Love this!

Check out the quick video that explains it.

Live Clean Credits - Customer Referral Program

  1. Solid Foundation + Unprecedented Growth: Modere is the total transformation of a 26-year-old, $300 million a year Network Marketing company and has had record growth since the change.


In an interview with Forbes, Modere CEO Asma Ishaq, said about the growth of Modere, “we endured quite a sales surge last year – up 90% year over year (2020 vs 2019). And we are now trending towards 150% growth to date over last year, so the demand continues to rise.”


  1. Thousands of Success Stories: at Modere, there are so many success stories from both the products and the opportunity! That’s a win – win! 


Jump on over to the Facebook Groups to see just a few of these success stories! 

Business Group

Product Group


See ya back here tomorrow for the next lesson where I’ll answer, “Just how much time does it really take to build your Modere business?”

Modere eCourse Lesson #4: How Much Time Do I Need to Build Modere

One of the most common questions people ask is, “How much time will it take to grow my business?”


After all, we are all busy… right?


Do you even have TIME to start a new business?


The cool thing about starting a new business with Modere is it doesn’t take a ton of time each week like building a traditional business or getting a second job.


In fact, in just 8-10 hours each week you can quickly create a solid part-time income that will grow into a full-time income. Not sure where you’ll find those 8-10 hours? 


Let’s break it down:


We each have 168 hours in a week.


Assuming you spend 40 hours at your job…


8 hours a night sleeping (lucky you!)…


and 6 hours each day doing things like cooking meals, dropping kids off at school and extra-curricular activities, doing household chores, and enjoying some downtime…


that still leaves you with 30 hours a week!


Surely, in those extra 30 hours you could carve out 8-10 to create a second income that provides time and financial freedom for you and your family! 


Most successful Modere Social Marketers, both Promoters and Builders are working their business alongside their already-busy schedules…


fitting their daily business activities in during their lunch hour, while waiting in the carpool line to pick up their kids, and in the quiet evening hours after their kids have gone to bed.


As your sponsor, along with other Modere leaders, together we will help you create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and gets results, without having to sacrifice time doing the things you care about most! 


In tomorrow’s lesson we’ll jump into what that really looks like when we share… How You Build Your Modere Business!

Modere eCourse Lesson #5: How You Build Your Modere Business

Are you loving the Modere eCourse so far?


I hope you’re starting to see the possibilities that come with partnering with our team in Modere!


Today is one of my favorite lessons because it answers one of our most common questions:


How do I actually build my Modere business?


As a Modere Social Marketer you get paid 2 main ways:


  1. By Finding People Who Want to be Customers


  1. By Adding Other Social Marketers as Promoters (people who are great at getting customers) and/or as Builders (people who are great at building a team of people) to your business.


When you partner with our team you’ll get immediate access to our exclusive training (more on that in tomorrow’s lesson!) along with all of our team tools to help you share your new business in a way that’s professional, fun, and really works!


We teach a very simple and efficient daily method of operation that includes 4 basic steps:


  1. Review Your Goals and Do Some Training (this takes about 30 minutes, 5 days a week)


  1. Grow Your Network by Meeting New People (the proven online strategies we will teach you take about 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week)


  1. Invite 2-3 People to Take a Look at the Opportunity or Products (we’ll show you exactly what to say, and how to do this in less than 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week!)


  1. Follow-Up With Those Who’ve Agreed to Take a Look (we’ll share exactly what steps to take with each person, and show you how to use tools like social media, one-on-one conversations, and emails like this eCourse to enroll new customers and promoters and builders into your business in just a few minutes a day).


The best part about partnering with Modere is you get to EARN while you LEARN…


You have a team here to help you every step of the way as you learn how to build your Modere business with confidence and in a way that fits your lifestyle and personality.


We can’t wait to welcome you! 


You can check out the Enrollment Kit Options here. If you are outside the US, you will need to enter in my referral code of 9964875. 


P.S. Don’t forget to join us in our Facebook groups.

Learn More About the Business

Learn More About the Products

Modere eCourse Lesson #6: We're Here to Help

In yesterday’s lesson I mentioned training and support tools we have to help you build your business.


Today I want to point them out in more detail so you can be confident in knowing that when you partner with us you may be in business for yourself, but you will NEVER be by yourself!


Here are a few of our best training and support tools to help you grow your new business:


  1. Training: Our training is second-to-none. From the moment you join we’ll direct you to the tools and resources where you’ll learn exactly how to get your first customers and team members and earn your first commissions quickly. We’ll share our step-by-step process that makes building your business simple, powerful and fun!


  1. Team Facebook Groups: Community, collaboration and support. Multiple Team Facebook groups are here to provide it all, and to help you connect with your fellow team members and upline leaders from all across the globe! When you join us you will be added to the training and support groups for Modere Social Marketers.


  1. Prospect (and Customer) “Product” Facebook Group: The Boss Tribe Healthy Living Community; This group is the perfect place for your customers (and prospects) to see success stories, get tips and learn more about Modere products.


  1. Prospect “Opportunity” Facebook Group: Social Retail – Changing the Game; Invite your prospects to learn more about the Modere Opportunity and meet other Modere Social Marketers inside this exclusive group. Your prospects can learn more about the Modere Social Retail opportunity at their convenience and from the comfort of their computer… or phone!


To further understand how the Facebook groups mentioned above will help you out, check out this video by John Melton. While this is a generic training he did, you should know that the ATM groups he talks about are the ones that he set up for our team. Everything is in place and ready to create massive duplication.

In addition to unparalleled training and support, we also believe in recognizing you for all you achieve as you grow your business. We’re here to help you succeed, and cheer you on along the way!

If that sounds good to you, then check out the Enrollment Kit Options here. If you are outside the US, you will need to enter in my referral code of 9964875.

Modere eCourse Lesson #7: Your Business Plan + Placing Your First Order

Here’s the final lesson in the Modere eCourse!


Today I want to help you put together a proven business plan so you can begin to earn ASAP!


When you enroll in Modere as a Social Marketer with our team, we want to help you launch your business right!


Customers + Finding Others who Want to earn some extra $$ = A Balanced Plan


This balanced approach to building your new business is powerful for 2 reasons:


  1. It creates a solid customer base, landing you your first rank advancement and a pay raise! Once you’ve found 5 customers and acquired 500 customer points you’ll rank advance to Bronze and earn 18% commission on all of your customer orders and $50 in Live Clean Product Credits!


  1. It begins the foundation of building a team, awarding you the Modere Experience and putting you on the path to reach your goals.


As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive access to your training and a few steps to complete in your first 48 hours.


Don’t worry — we’ll be here to help you every step of the way, showing you what to say and what tools to use to get the best results.




You’ve completed the eCourse!


Now, it’s time to ask yourself a serious question:


Is partnering with Modere and this powerful dream team the right fit for me?


If your answer is YES (which I hope it is!) then I want to invite you to take a look at the enrollment kits, determine which one is the best option for you and join us here at Modere.

Check out all of the Enrollment Kit Options here. If you are outside the US, you will need to enter in my referral code of 9964875. Click on Join, and then if you click the names of the packs, you will be able to see what is in each pack.


And if you have any questions at all… I’m happy to answer anything.


I can’t wait to welcome you into the Modere family!!!

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