back to school desks homeschool
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Back to School – Are You Ready?

back to school desks homeschool
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Our Schoolroom

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Wow! Summer really flew by for me. Every year I find myself saying that, and every year summer seems to go quicker and quicker.

I am thankful for all of the fun times I have had with my family this summer. We have been camping, swimming, tubing, reading a lot, picking fresh fruits and veggies from our garden, and just hanging out.

And I do wish summer would last a little longer. But, as the school year is approaching, we must prepare.

Homeschooling and Getting Organized

As many of you know, I started homeschooling my kids last year. It was a great learning experience for my kids, as well as myself. Our desks are an accumulation of used desks, including the one I bought to take to college and one that used to be my grandpa’s. Last year, our desks were along the walls of the room. But I decided I wanted our desks arranged differently this year. And I definitely needed more bookshelves and organized storage. I have found that staying organized is essential for homeschooling.

So I spent the past week moving desks, helping my husband put together some new bookshelves, cube organizers, and completely reorganizing our school room. And what a project it was! Now that we have the school room all ready, I’m getting excited for this new school year!

I am also excited that with our new desk arrangement, our essential oil diffuser is right in the middle of the room, allowing us all to be able to smell and enjoy the oils.

My favorite essential oils to diffuse while doing school work are Peppermint, Orange, and Vetiver. Together they create an uplifting and focused environment, perfect for our school day.If you are sending your kiddos off to school, a roller bottle or essential oil necklace  with these oils would be a great choice.

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